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I am working in Seattle and my daughter-in-love (age 14) was rushed to LaBonheur Children's hospital after a trip to urgent care and Methodist ER. She was rushed via ambulance and ended up having surgery for a ruptured appendix. Praise God, we caught it in time. I wanted to send flowers...(this was yesterday evening) before her surgery prep at 5:30 am this morning. I immediately found her favorite flowers on your site - sunflowers and was able to place the order with ease, and send a note. I am so impressed! Even during Covid 19 pandemic, you delivered the beautiful bouquet in LESS than 24 hours at a very reasonable price...she received it while she waited to go into surgery. I did not have time to price compare, but I do need to from now on. If I have a need, as I travel for work, but reside in Memphis, I will get all my flowers from your shop. I will let all my family know as well! Thank you for being available during the pandemic, and in a pinch and for the wonderful customer service via internet...I received confirmation the arrangement was sent and even this survey tells me you go above and beyond! I wish I could send a photo to you...your delivery let her know that despite the distance we are thinking of her and sending her love. She had a smile on her face, although in pain and fear, and now has this beautiful arrangement to brighten her room when she wakes up while recovering. (not to mention the much needed smile for my husband to see as he is tackling this alone right now!) Thank you again. Sincerely, Mindy   Mindy
Hi Tim. I am so very pleased with the experiences I’ve had with Tammy at your Whitten Rd store.
Whenever my friend Cathie Mokry or I send flowers we know the arrangement will be perfect if we can speak to Tammy. She is not only kind and thoughtful she is extremely gifted. She actually listens to me and discusses the person I’m sending flowers to and makes the arrangement special just for them.
Yesterday I stopped by to pick up the arrangement I had ordered from her(I always ask to speak to Tammy) for my “2nd mom’s” 86 th birthday. The arrangement was so beautiful it made me cry(I am not an emotional ,crying person). My 2nd mom is living at Elmcroft now (diagnosed with dementia) and she was absolutely blown away by these flowers,as was everyone who saw them.
Tammy is an exceptional asset  your company! I have spoken to other ladies who work for you and they were very short and sharp toned,as if I were annoying them,causing me to wish I hadn’t called.  I’m so very glad Tammy answered one time! I would have changed florists if I hadn’t spoken to her!
The birthday cake arrangement on your website is,frankly,very unappealing but I wanted that concept. I talked to Tammy about it and she suggested this color combo. This is the one you should display and I’m sure more people would be purchasing it!
You may use my photos if you’d like. Most of us don’t have over $70 dollars to spend on flowers for someone but when Tammy is the designer and the contact person it is much less painful to let go of that amount of money!
Thank you for having the good sense to have hired Tammy! Because of her you will continue to have my friend’s and my business. Tammy could teach a few of your other employees about customer service!
Jan   Jan
The bouquet was beautiful, the recipient really liked them, she's received several comments on the uniqueness the arrangement. Thank You! Yolanda  10/15/2018 3:54 PM   Yolanda
Very appreciative of delivery confirmation email. This gives such peace of mind to know that everything was delivered exactly as scheduled and on time. The email format and information is useful and improved my customer experience greatly. If it would be possible in future to add a picture of the completed arrangement to this confirmation email, then customers could have a feeling of being a part of the arrangement they sent. This is just a bonus/idea for future though! Thanks again for your wonderful service.       Judy
Was needing a florist for a funeral in Germantown...I am in middle TN...internet had site for top rated were top of list..Your website had great selection..found what needed...easy purchase process...promptly call and email notice of delivery...saw at visitation and received very good comments from family of deceased..thanks so much.       Judy
You guys were great! I placed this order from India, for my sister's birthday with just 2 days notice and she got the cake and flowers prior to the time I had stated and it was super seamless! I gave the local number of her husband and - basically, thank you guys! In all honesty in terms of your competitors your gifts are thoughtful and complete (soft toys/chocolates/cakes/flowers) whereas others didn't offer the same additions at the price you did. She hasn't eaten the cake yet - but it sounds delicious (Pecan and Cinnamon!). Thank you for making this happen!   Reena
I love doing business with Pugh's Flowers. I have never had a problem with their service which is amazing since I have used them for over 15 years. Cynthia   Cynthia, Fed Ex
I am very impressed with the fast delivery of products. We have placed orders twice in the past week and both were delivered timely and the employees receiving them were extremely pleased with the flowers delivered.   Frank
"Hello, I just wanted to say "Thank You" for being so professional and timely with my delivery yesterday. I called Thursday morning, May 25th and requested same day service by 5:00pm. I spoke to the nice lady who informed me that my order could be filled within those time constraints. To my surprise, my party received their flowers at 3:03pm...2 hours early!! This was simply AWESOME!! My party sent me a picture of the 2 dozen roses with baby breath and they were absolutely stunning to say they least. And might I mention, they were not in some "dated" box, but in a very sophisticated vase, fully bloomed! I simply could "not" leave you a message letting you know how pleased I am that I made the decision to utilize your flower shop! Oh yeah, did I mention I currently reside in Oklahoma City? So, I had no previous knowledge of your services. Your title of "Voted Best Florist in Memphis" is very well deserved. Again, thanks for your stellar service...."   Anttwain
The arrangements were perfect... exactly what we wanted. Everyone was so pleasant to work with, especially Emily, who offered her personal cell to stay in touch over the weekend. I ordered on Mother's Day weekend (busy for you!) and was treated very well!   Linda
Thank you. I tried ordering flowers from and it was awful - I decided t try again with a local florist and I am super happy. I will always call you from now. I don't live in the same city as my mom, but it was super easy to use the internet and see the options. Thank you!     Polly
I was incredibly impressed with your customer service. The order I placed online was for a Croton, I received a call after placing the order that they were out of season and was offered alternate plant options. This morning I received a phone call letting me know that the plant had been delivered. I have ordered plants for other funerals from other companies and have never received a call letting me know that they have been delivered. I have already told my co-workers about your excellent customer service. I will definitely be ordering from Pughs again. I am very impressed! Sarah
I have used Pugh's Flowers for several years and am very happy for the response and service I have received. Gary   Gary
Hi everyone- I ordered my daughter's birthday flowers from you last year...did so again this year. No other company has ever called me to tell me that the flowers have been delivered, in person!!! Your customer retention plan is brilliant. I am a customer for life, as long as my daughter lives in Memphis. Thank you for brightening her life, making my life easy, and most of all for the exceptional service. Kristin Kristin
Our contact since my tenure with FedEx and since she has been employed with Pugh's Flowers is Emily. She has provided Exceptional customer service not only with FedEx requests but personal requests as well. She will even call and remind me of my daughter's birthdays who no longer resides in Memphis, etc. I just love her positive spirit of "suggestive selling" in a non-pushy manner. Please share my comments with her and place them in her personnel file. Thank you, Vossa Vossa
I originally (and stupidly) ordered from FTD because I received a discount email of 20%. I almost always shop local, but did not this time. After two days, I heard nothing so I called FTD. They still had not delivered the flowers. They said they could not find a local vendor. I immediately canceled the order, went to your website and placed an order on Friday at 6:47 PM. By Saturday at noon, I had a delivery confirmation. I will use Pugh's from now on! Thank you very much. Jenifer Jenifer
Easiest people to deal with ever. Thought I had a rush order but due to funeral home error on date of service, it turned out not to be an emergency. When I discovered error on date, I emailed Pugh. I heard back from Mr. Tim Pugh within minutes. Good people, good company, awesome florist. Jenna
Dear Pugh Family, I must say of all of the arrangement I received after a hospital stay, the Pugh floral arrangement was the best. Looking closely at the arrangement you could see there was thought in the flowers that were chosen, exactly how they were placed in the container, and outlasted all others. I know the sender well, I am sure they just called your store and said, this is for a man, send something in a certain price range. I wish there was a way to thank your artist directly. The colors chosen were very manly, displaying a good complex of colors, nestled in a short wide bowl, reserved the manly stance. I personally have used your store in the past but living in Desoto County I started using another flower shop. I was happy to see when you moved into Southaven and now with your new location on Goodman I can return to the best. Thank you for the joy you spread…… AJ AJ
Dear Mr. Pugh, I wanted to let you know what a great job Becky did in assisting me with my recent floral order. She not only helped me in selecting the appropriate arrangement, but she went above and beyond in taking the time to suggest additional items that I could add to make my arrangement even more special. Her warm and friendly voice along with her knowledge of the product(s) available, really made my ordering time very pleasant and personal. You are very lucky to have such a dedicated and caring staff member on your team! Very best, Nancy
This is my second order with your location in the last month and a half - ordered same "Bright & Cheery" Get Well bouquet both times. Cannot tell you how impressed I am with the beauty of arrangements and professionalism of your company. Requested first delivery same day - received call saying y'all were slammed and that you were very sorry but it would be next day which was no problem as I did not place order till late afternoon and only chose same day because it was an option - THEN received delivery confirmation call literally minutes after I received thank you text from recipient! FIRST CLASS!! You had me at Hello, but that cinched it!! Personal service like that is sadly very rare these days! I didn't see arrangement in person but first recipient sent photo -- bright, beautiful,gorgeous! Their comment: "...she just got the beautiful flowers a moment ago. Trust me when I say they are beautiful!" Second recipient quite ill but I am sure equally pleased and brighened. This transplanted 'Mouth of the South' Belle will gladly be singing your praises everywhere and sending all I know your way, and I'll be back for sure! Thanks for your exceptionally beautiful creations and kind and caring employees who obviously enjoy what they do and go far beyond the Proverbial extra mile! Blessings, Bren
The young lady that assisted me over the phone, and the delivery driver that called me after the item was delivered were outstanding. Both were extremely courteous and professional which is so rare to see these days. You will now become my preferred florist. Thank you! Linda
The website was easy to use and the person who got the flowers said they were beautiful. They were delivered on time. Also used the Helping Hands to support my non-profit. All good! John
I had a short timespan to get flowers to a funeral, and I felt uncertain with the company the funeral home had referred me to. I did some comparative searching around on the web, and liked what I saw at Pugh's. Sure enough, every aspect of the experience with Pugh's was perfect, including the assurances of employees to notification by delivery personnel that the delivery had been made. Because everything else met or exceeded my expectations, I feel confident that the arrangement itself was every bit as beautiful as it appeared on your website. Any further business I have, or friends have, in your area will go straight to Pugh's. A death is difficult enough to deal with as it is. You all make it easier, especially for those of us who cannot be there in person. Thank you. Wanda
SO IMPRESSED! Placed my order today at around 11:30 AM and received a call from Pugh's at 4 o'clock. I thought the call was to say my order wouldn't be able to be completed until tomorrow but lo and behold it was a phone call to say my arrangement had been delivered!! I wish I remembered his name because he was very kind, professional, and pleasant! Great customer service! Getting home from work now and saw they also sent an email confirming the delivery. To say I am impressed is the minimum! You have far exceeded my expectations and will stick to Pugh's from now on! Beautiful arrangements, amazing delivery timeliness, wonderful customer service-can't ask for anything better! You have a loyal lifetime customer!! Thank you so much!! Gina
"We cannot thank you enough for the service you provide!!!!! my daughter has been getting flowers, gifts, plants from your company close to 18 years. My daughter is a st jude angel and always always always loves seeing your box come through the door!!!! flowers are always beautiful and your people go beyond kindness!! thank you, joyce" Joyce
I was so upset earlier because 1800Flowers kept giving me the run around and were not going to deliver my delivery until next week. When I contacted your company there was no issues at all. Everything went smoothly, the order process was convienent, great great service! For now on I will order all my flowers from you guys! Beverly
I really appreciate the follow-up phone call I received as soon as the flowers were delivered! My daughter sent me a picture of the sunflowers and they were beautiful. I tried to place an order with a national floral company but when I provided the address, the order was flagged as no known address. I was so frustrated, I decided to find a local Memphis florist. I am so pleased I found Pugh's! The next time I need to order flowers in Memphis, I will call you directly again. Thank you so much! Betty
"THANK YOU! Holiday weekend, less than two day turn around! I could not have ask for a more beautiful spray. You did a wonderful job. It was evident that the best floral arrangements at the funeral came from your store. I have used the same florists for 30 years - that officially changed this weekend." Tanya
I ordered from Louisiana to have delivered in Memphis, very impressed with your service! Thank you so much! 1/6/2016 2:12 PM Belinda
I ordered flowers from Fort Worth to be delivered to my sister at Baptist. How surprised and pleased I was to get a call from the very nice gentleman that actually took the flowers to my sister. He was so kind to let me know they had been delivered and even read the card to her. Personal Care for the Pride in doing a good Please commend him as I commend you on your company work ethic. I will be using you exclusively. Thank you so much. Caregiving from afar is so difficult. God bless your help. Susan Susan
The service was fast! Faster than I anticipated. The sweet delivery driver even called me to let me know that the delivery had been made. Now THAT'S service! Will definitely use you in the future and recommend you to others! Thank you for helping me spread cheer to a friend who really needed to be encouraged today! May God bless you and your business!! Andy
Tim, Your team went above and beyond the call today, to make sure my daughter received her birthday flowers and cake. My daughter is in medical residency there in Memphis, as is her husband, so catching them at home is nearly impossible. Your team called me twice to let me know about their progress. Well done; and thanks. You will certainly get all my business in the future, and my hearty recommendation of Pugh to anyone I think might have use of your services. Jim
I always receive an email and today a phone call as well to let me know flowers were delivered. This saves the hassle of not knowing and not having to ask the recipient if they got their flowers. The flowers always look just like the picture John
"I just want to say thank you and tell you how wonderful your customer service is. I ordered a selection of flowers online. Your website is very user-friendly. A young lady called me because you didn't have a flower in the description and asked if it was alright to substitute for something else. I appreciated that. Of course, your bouquets are always beautiful. The flowers were delivered with a call from the delivery person letting me know they had been delivered. I have never had such excellent customer service. Your employees are amazingly polite, helpful, efficient and your bouquets ALWAYS wonderful. Customer service like you provide seems rare today, sadly. I just wanted to say thank you very much. I'll be a repeat, long-time customer. :) Ginny
I order flowers for our company, Estes Express Lines. I wasn't here Friday when the company found out one of cherished employees passed away. An email was sent to me to send the flowers, but not being here, I didn't get it until this morning (the day of the service). I immediately ordered the flowers in hopes that they would get there in time, and THEY DID!!! Thank you so much for always being so dependable and making this a priority. It really meant a lot to our Estes family and the family of Mr. Mike Perry. Thanks again! Cindy
"Dear Pugh's I can not sufficiently and effectively express my gratitude for your phenomenal service, but I will try. Last week, with Mary's professional and gracious assistance, I arranged for a huge display of 40 balloons and 40 sunflowers to be delivered to my best friend, Danielle, at her Memphis hotel for her 40th birthday. A day before the delivery I found out she had to alter her work schedule and would instead be in Texarkana. Mary quickly rerouted the order to be delivered to her new hotel. Unfortunately I gave the address in Texas and she was going to Arkansas. Again, the order was rerouted and kindly and efficiently handled. On Tuesday night I found out that her meeting had been moved up and that she would be leaving far earlier than originally thought and she'd be returning home to Baton Rouge on Wednesday afternoon, her birthday. I left a message on your machine Tuesday evening as the office was closed but on Wednesday morning at 7:30 I called to speak with Mary and once more try to reroute the order. Mary was so understanding and clever. She quickly handled the changes and found a local Baton Rouge florist who could handle the order. The best news of all: the ENTIRE order was finally delivered on time, to her house, ahead of her arrival. When she got home the enormous display gave her a wonderful Happy Birthday surprise. Since then (this was yesterday after all) I have told many people about the wonderful Mary and the outstanding service provided by Pugh's florist. Your company, all because of Mary's help, assisted me in creating an unbelievable event for my best friend. I am forever grateful and appreciative. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Sincerely, Monique Monique
Laura, The flowers for the Church were beautiful ... perfect actually. You did a wonderful job and we were completely happy with your lovely arrangements. The burlap mason jars for Maple Grove Farm were just as cute as could be. I absolutely loved them!! We got lots of compliments on both the Church arrangements and the Mason jar vases. Thank you so much for all your hard work and for being so sweet to me with all my requests and changes! Your lovely flowers helped make Rachel's wedding day extra special! :) Linda
Thank you for your awesome service on Friday, June 13, 2014 for the funeral of Mr. B in Lewisville, Texas. Our office called you at the last minute, and you responded. Also, "Thank You" for the beautiful arrangement that arrived early Monday morning, June 16th once again ordered at the last minute. Thank you. C. Davis
Your customer service is amazing!! I will post a review on Yelp. My girlfriend loved the flowers!! Frank
"I just wanted to express my gratitude for sending the replacement arrangement for my friend in the hospital. I just received a call from her & she was thrilled with the new arrangement. It speaks volumes that you care enough to make something right and I am so glad about that because that is not always the case. It certainly meant alot to her as it did me. I'm so happy that you live up to your customer promise and I will continue to use you for all of our floral needs and highly recommend you to others. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart." Susan
All we can say is WOW!!!! Our Pastor loved it and so did we. In Pastor Martin's words, "Rock Star Gorgeous!" Thanks so much for all your help and please thank your designer as well. Wanda
"Wanted to thank your staff on Whitten road for their help and compassion when my Mother passed (Ruby Bowen)..the casket spray and end pieces were excellent..the funeral home director said he has been in the business 15 years and had never seen an arrangement that beautiful...Please Thank your staff for us......The Bowen Family" Bowen Family
WOW!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!! I am very impressed and will use your floral shop again in the future! My firend LOVED the arrangement and said it is Beautiful! and she truly stressed a few times in conversation "Beautiful". I was also impressed how fast you delivered and that matter because this is the anniversary of her son's passing and was one of my very very close and best friend. She also knows your business is a mother and her son's. I am in California so I had no knowledge of your service and product but trust I will use your business for my needs in the future. Thank you again so much for all you have done for us today! Also thank you for the call stating the flowers were delivered and thank you for this email!!! WOW! Pretty awesome!!! Wish all businesses had as much pride as your flower shop! God Bless you all! Melinda Melinda
I want to let you know how impressed I am with your company. I’m in Arizona so I was ordering based on what I could find on the internet. I have a dear friend whose daughter just lost someone very important to her. The two families were very close and my friend’s family is in mourning. My other girlfriends and I wanted to do something nice for our friend’s family. Our group of friends get together once a year and we always look for a Gigi’s cupcake store. So being able to get them flowers and the cupcakes was the most perfect gift for them. Laura was incredibly sweet and helpful. I was so relieved when she said the order could be organized and delivered yesterday when normally you require a day’s notice. I truly appreciate the efforts. I was blown away when not only did the delivery happen within hours, but I received a call directly from the gentleman who did the delivery. He confirmed that the delivery had been completed. I have never experienced that level of customer service. I am so very impressed. Thank you for making my experience simple. My friend and her daughter were thrilled with the flowers and cupcakes, and her daughter will have time to enjoy all of it before the services and before she heads back to college. You helped us ease their grief. Thank you for that. Thank you Kelly
WOW! I've been ordering flowers for years, and this is the best service I've ever received - truly a FLORAL ADVENTURE! Laurie C., Edmonds, WA
I went to the store on Whitten Rd and they were fabulous. They called and got a 10% discount for me, helped me determine what I would need, etc. They were friendly, helpful and efficient. So glad I chose to go there. I rarely purchase flowers, but I am now a loyal customer for the opportunities that I may need them. Sincerely, DeeAnne DeeAnna
Thanks for such amazing service. She loved the arrangement, it continues to cheer her up. Bev
It’s compliment time! I ordered flowers for several people on Valentine’s Day in advance who live out of town from various flower services (FTD, etc.). On the day of Valentine’s, I remembered last minute that I had forgotten someone. I searched online high and low for someone who could deliver that day, but no one was taking orders, of course, because I had waited so late – expect Pugh’s. I placed an online order with Pugh’s at 10:00 AM on Valentine’s Day and they got to the recipient by 2:00 PM that day. Amazing! What’s more, the flowers are gorgeous and are still alive and equally as pretty now as they were the day they were received. All of the other orders I placed with FTD and other services were either royally screwed up or just not as pretty/impressive as the Pughs’ flowers. Plus, when I contacted them to complain, I got zero response. Pugh’s is my new florist for everything – I’ve told everyone I know. Great job on exceeding my expectations for service, quality and efficiency – and all of that on the single busiest flower day of the year! Thanks! Beth. Beth
Dear Tim, Thank you for the excellent service! I have spoken to one of your reps today morning and was very impressed by the level of the customer service. Flowers were delivered to the doors, on time, looking even better than on the picture. Thank you again. Sincerely, Galina Galina
"Just a thank you especially to booking and the owner for the fast positive response regarding my concern, wish all businesses were like Pugh's. Again Thank you" Ricky